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Please note that AAPAW is not a shelter or rescue and does not have any facilities to take in stray or unwanted cats or dogs.

If you have found a lost or stray pet, or if you need to surrender a pet, please reach out to our rescue group members and consider fostering this pet until room can be made. In many cases, if you can foster the pet temporarily, a rescue may be able to assist you and help you get it adopted to a safe, happy, life-long home. 

Many, if not most, rescuers work full-time jobs and volunteer their time and funds to help San Antonio’s homeless pets and unfortunately do not have unlimited resources to take in every pet. Your patience as they try to help is greatly appreciated. If your need is an emergency, you may need to reach out to San Antonio Animal Care Services.


P.O. Box 17324

San Antonio, TX  78217

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