Realities of Breeding

So you want to breed your pet

The realities of pet breeding

  • When you breed your pet, you put her life at risk.
  • Not all animals make good parents; you may have to take over for the complete care of each baby!
  • It is almost impossible to get a fading puppy to survive, and you can lose a whole litter to fading puppy syndrome, the death of even one puppy can be heart wrenching.
  • Many times Cesareans births are necessary this is a costly surgery!
  • You can witness unfavorable behavior changes in your pet after they birth a litter.
  • Shelters are overly crowded by unwanted purebred and designer breed pets.
  • It is impossible to predict how successful the breeding will be
  • You will spend much more than you will make on selling the puppies
  • With 3 to15 newborns in your home you can expect many sleepless nights and probably some missed work as well, a litter will consume most of your time!
  • Most importantly, statistically speaking, only one in a litter finds a forever home. Breeding contributes to the overpopulation and deaths of thousands of pets per day!
  • Getting your pet spayed or neutered will add years to your pets life cutting down diseases such as certain cancers, and also can help solve some undesirable behaviors!
  • Spaying/neutering, most importantly, helps greatly reduce our current overpopulation problem. Last year, more than 32,000 dogs and cats were euthanized at the Animal Care Facility. Many of these animals were unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.