Animal Care Service Fees

City of San Antonio, Texas
Animal Care Services
Fee Schedule

The Director of Animal Care Services reserves the right to adjust fees during instances of moratoriums or any special events or circumstances, if deemed necessary.

Animal Adoption- Flat Rate Fees

Dog Package: $81.00
Cat Package:  $29.00
Other Animal Adoptions Fees
Rabbit Adoption: $15.00 each;  
$60.00 each (for sterilization)

Small Animal Adoption (fowls/birds, ferrets, small reptiles, guinea pigs): $10.00 each  
Livestock (sheep, goats, bovines, equines)/Specialty animals (i.e. exotic birds): $50.00 to $2,000.00   
Licensing & Permits
Pet License Tag Fees
City Registration (dogs)Sterilized
$5.00/1 year
$10.00/2 years    
$15.00/3 years

$50.00/1 year
$100.00/2 years
$150.00/3 years
City Registration (cats) Sterilized or Unsterilized
$5.00/1 year
$10.00/2 years
$15.00/3 years

Animals deemed Dangerous         
$100.00/1 year
Animals deemed Aggressive       
$25.00/year (level 1)
$50.00/year (level 2)
$75.00/year (level 3)

Permits - Fees

Seller’s Permit: $250.00/year
Litter Permit: $50.00/litter (1 litter/year)
Cat Colony Permit: $10.00/year
Livestock permit (horse,cattle): $150.00 per animal per year
Other Livestock (hog, sheep, goat, llama, etc.): $75.00/year
Pet Shop Permit: $150.00/year
Commercial Boarding Kennel Permit: $150.00/year
Pet Grooming Permit: $75.00/year
Animal Exhibit Permit: $100.00/event
Petting Zoo/Recreational Animal Ride Permit: $50.00/year
Exceed # of Animal Limit Permit: $25.00
(Dogs, cats, domestic fowl, livestock, rabbits)
Inspection and Subsequent Re-inspection(s): $25.00 each inspection
Impoundment Fees
Regular Intake Fees
Dog and Cat
1st Occurrence: $50.00 plus vaccinations
2nd Occurrence: $100.00 plus vaccinations
3rd Occurrence: $150.00 plus vaccinations
4th Occurrence: $200.00 plus vaccinations
Boarding: $10.00/daily
Vaccinations  (also given at the time of impoundment):
Rabies (unless proof of vaccination is provided): $12.00
Bordetella: $6.00
DHLPP: $8.00
FVRCP (cats): $8.00
Rabies Observation (OB) Fees
1st Occurrence: $75.00
2nd Occurrence: $100.00
3rd Occurrence (Requires dangerous dog investigation): $200.00
Boarding: $20.00/day
Last Updated – 6/3/2010
Livestock Impound - Fees
Horse/Cattle: $100.00/animal
Boarding: $35.00/daily
Goats/Pigs: $75.00
Boarding: $15.00/daily
Poultry & Rabbits: $20.00
Boarding: $10.00/daily
Other Fees
Owner Surrender: $40.00/City Residents  
Non-City Processing (Including Owner Surrender): $50.00
Storefront items - Prices vary by item
Euthanasia Fee: $25.00   
Annex Facility Fee: $75.00 half day/$100.00 full day
Microchip: $15.00
Replacement Pet License Tag or Microchip Tag: $5.00

Additional vaccination fees may be found at