In 2004, the San Antonio Express-News published a two-part article relative to the abhorrent conditions of our companion animals in San Antonio.  At that time, San Antonio had by far the highest euthanization rate of all the major cities in the United States.  The controversy and concern over this issue eventually led to the implementation of an Animal Care Strategic Plan for the City of San Antonio in August 2006.  The core concept of the City’s Strategic Plan is to achieve a “no kill” goal by 2012.  In simple terms, the goal is to make San Antonio a city in which every animal receives responsible care.  In furtherance of this goal, the City engaged the help and support of a number of partners, which led to the formation of AAPAW in 2007.  In the summer of 2010, Manu Ginobli of the San Antonio Spurs and his dog Ciru agree to help AAPAW’s initiatives by filming public service announcements to be aired on radio, television and movie theater screens around town.

AAPAW is a coalition of animal welfare organizations in the San Antonio area who have joined forces to help bring animal welfare organizations, veterinarians, and the community together in partnership to improve the lives of animals in the San Antonio area.  Consequently, AAPAW works closely and collaboratively with City officials, Animal Care Services, the San Antonio Area Foundation, and others to support and carry out the City of San Antonio Animal Care Strategic Plan and the “no kill” initiative.

In the first two years after its formation, AAPAW struggled in its growth, development, and leadership.  However, AAPAW has evolved into a dedicated volunteer organization with committed leadership and a loyal commitment to the goals and objectives of the City of San Antonio Strategic Plan.  AAPAW is dedicated to supporting the City in its Plan by sponsoring adoption events, promoting spay/neuter activities, community outreach programs, and public education to increase awareness of animal welfare issues and the importance of increasing responsible pet ownership.  AAPAW strives to work hand-in-hand through its membership with the City, the San Antonio Area Foundation, veterinarians, and concerned citizens to meet these goals.  AAPAW members are ever vigilant in providing a helping hand and assistance whenever animal welfare problems or issues arise.

AAPAW is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.